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By. Alina Fattakhova

Valentine's Day with Wrevel

Valentine’s Day can become the most romantic time for a couple even without emptying wallet on dinner at a restaurant and expensive gift. Money is not the key in spending the most amazing time with your beloved one, and here are a couple of suggestions to plan your Valentine’s Day date if you have a low budget. If your roommates are gone, you can always arrange the most amazing meal experience at home. Just make your apartment neat and buy the ingredients for your dinner. In case you are not the best cook, you can either try to cook something simple yet tasty (salads, fruit, canapes, etc.), or order a take-out and arrange it beautifully before your date comes. The important part is that the food has to be of both you and your date’s favorite cuisines. Beverage and table set up are also significant: get a bottle of great wine, which can be found under $20, put beautiful table cloth, some candles, and use good-looking dishes and glasses. Gifts don’t have to be expensive to show your feelings; the purpose of a gift is to show your love. Sometimes the most expensive gifts can be a disaster, so just follow your intuition and think about what he or she will appreciate. It should be something personal, yet tasteful. Creating a gift that will touch his or her heart is crucial, and you have to think of your best times as a couple. It can be just a great handmade card with confession, a picture frame with your picture together, a cup with your best moments on it, a bottle of wine with a custom label, or a box of handmade cookies. There are tons of great ideas out there in Google, you just have to brainstorm for one you can create. The time consumed coming up with the idea and making it yourself will pay off by your partner’s joy and pleasure receiving it. As this year’s Valentine’s Day falls on the long weekend, you and your beloved one can meet up for new experience anytime. A romantic yet inexpensive date can be at an unusual place or event. Check the weather and see whether both of you will be able to handle spending time outside. Some of the romantic things to do are walking in a botanical garden or park (such as Hyline), going to skating rink in the late evening (could be one in the Central Park), stargazing, going to a live concert, or attending a fun place. Don’t know what is happening in your city the upcoming weekend? It is simple - visit the Love and Romance section at, where you can find a place with great setting and romantic atmosphere: it can be an event, a party, or a festival and invite your date. The maximum cost of such a great date will be either tickets price, or a couple of drinks. As long as you know your partner’s interests, preferences and taste buds, you can always come up with the most memorable yet inexpensive date. At the end of the day, creativity and effort, not the finance, makes time spending together priceless.