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By. Natalie Brown

Spring is in the Air!!

Hello Spring, Oh how I missed you!! There are so many things to do in New York City and a good portion of them are free so why not take advantage of them. I will give you a heads up of the different things you can do. There are several events you can check out on this site in several categories; such as Love and Romance, Exploring the City, Hotspots, Bars, Icebreakers, Festivals, Clubs, and Parties. There is something for everyone. The weather is going to start heating up, so enjoy going to parks and just walk around and observe how the world around you awakens from its slumber. You can go to Central Park if you want to explore, get lost and enjoy nature at its best. Or you can enjoy a stroll in Brooklyn Botanical Garden with a friend, and see the beautiful flowers and exotic plants throughout the location. And for those who have allergies, no worries you can go to Coney Island and see all it has to offer. It has really improved over the years, you are guaranteed to see something to make you smile and glad you took advantage of the opportunity. If you want to just sit and watch the ocean or walk on the boardwalk, there is always something you can to, or something new you can taste that you are bound to enjoy. We can’t forget those who don’t feel comfortable outdoors, well you can enjoy a day at the MET, you can explore art at its finest. There are always some promotion where you can enter for little to nothing. There are sculptures, paintings, models, different exhibits and artifacts. There is always something new to see. So this should keep you busy in the day but for the night check out the events on Wrevel for an amazing night out. There are night clubs, lounges, comedy clubs, quiet events, parties and concerts. So don't wait till the last minute to do something fun, treat yourself and enjoy the moment.