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By. Malik Cayenne

Travelling on a Budget

It’s summer and you want to get away from the hectic life of New York City, your nagging family members and neighbors, and of course, the annoying tourists who want to come to New York. You want a nice vacation, as in the one that you don’t need a vacation from.One of the best ways to have this kind of vacation is to budget. Here are various ways that you can save money on your travels. First, you should visit discount websites (e.g., ) in order to find cheaper flights. When searching the websites, round trip tickets are the tickets you should look for. Also, as inconvenient as it may be, you should consider using connecting flights in order to save additional money. In connecting flights, you travel from point A to point C, while changing planes in the middle of your travel at point B. When packing your bags, you should pack as little baggage as possible, in order have less baggage fees. While considering the flight itself, you must also think about the extra costs of the flight. Examples of such extra costs include travel to/from the airport and the price for food/drink on the plane. Once you arrive in your destination, you probably don’t want to sleep on the street (No judgment for those who do). The site is considered one of the best sites to rent a place to stay for cheap. In addition, going to a bed & breakfast has considerable advantages over staying in a hotel. Breakfast, bottled water, WiFi, and concierge come free at a bed & breakfast. At a hotel, you have to pay for these things, and the price is likely a hefty one. When it comes to your time in the vacation destination, you want to get the most out of your vacation. If you are going to be in another country, make sure that the exchange bureaus show their buying/selling rates. If a bureau doesn’t show these rates, it is shady and untrustworthy. In addition, you should pay for things with cash instead of credit card, because there are many local shops that only accept cash. Also, beware of pickpockets and other thieves who are targeting tourists. As far as food is concerned, eat at the local restaurants instead of the “touristy” mainstream ones. The “touristy” restaurants are likely to overprice the food. Eat more at lunch, when more specials are likely to be offered. During your vacation, you also need a simpler way of getting around the local area. If you are with a group of roughly 4 or more people, you should use a car rental system, because the group of people in one car is less expensive than each person having to pay their own railpasses. When using car rentals, break the rental period in two in order to save money. For instance, instead of having a 7-day rental period, you could have one rental period of 4 days and another rental period of 3 days. In addition, use a smaller car. It will guzzle up less gas. If you are travelling alone or with just one or two people, use public transportation instead of a taxi. Taxis are too expensive. A final word of advice is to take advantage of local spots that will enrich your travelling experience instead of congregating too much at the “tourist traps”. Observe life in the local area. Not only will it be cheaper, but it will be an experience that you can’t have anywhere else.