Meet The Marketing Team Summer 2015 | Wrevel - Discover Your World, Host & Experience Events


By. Malik Cayenne

Meet The Marketing Team Summer 2015

The Wrevel marketing staff is full of people who are eager to help Wrevel achieve its full potential and become a prominent start-up company. The members of the marketing staff have various past experiences that have helped them to arrive at working for this company. The staff overall reports that Wrevel is a relaxed environment to work in and gain valuable work experience. Let’s start by introducing Nile. Nile describes his experience at Wrevel as “cool”. To him, the benefits of working here are that the staff is vibrant and everyone’s idea is taken into consideration. As a result, Mondays at Wrevel don’t feel slow like Mondays at other workplaces. When it comes to Wrevel’s brand, Nile believes that Wrevel shows one a new side of New York CIty because the website exposes one to many free events. Also, he likes the fact that payment, transportation, and the activity itself are all booked through Wrevel. As a result, it is simpler to plan an event in as little as 10 minutes. In addition, Nile describes working with Ash as “relaxed” because Ash has many good ideas and everyone on the marketing staff has a say. Here, Nile plans to gain knowledge and experience of working at a start-up company in its beginning stages. He hopes that Wrevel can become as well-known as Facebook. In the near future, he wants to have a paid full-time job, become the head of marketing at Wrevel, and perhaps start a family. Nile currently attends Empire State University. He has previously worked at other start-ups and has worked non-profit for Fortune 500 companies. Next, we say hello to Austin. Austin is a new member of the Wrevel marketing staff and is looking forward to the experience that he will have while working here. He wants to contribute to the growth of Wrevel and in the process, he wants to observe how a start-up operates. So far, Austin likes how Wrevel offers so many different types of things to do, as well as the fact that Wrevel is more social and interactive for users. Austin thinks that working with Ash is “nice” because Ash “knows his stuff”, is clear in laying out tasks, and is easy to talk to. Currently, Austin goes to school at Notre Dame University, where he is majoring in marketing. He wants to be able to work “out in the real world”. Now, we will introduce Jesse. Jesse says that the atmosphere at Wrevel is “laid-back”. It is an environment where he gets to contribute and always wants to come in to work. As he works here, Jesse plans to gain more work experience and more importantly, help Wrevel to succeed. His future goal is to become an executive for advertising. Jesse currently attends West Virginia University, where he is majoring in strategic communications, with an emphasis on advertising. Next, meet Vaibhav. Vaibhav describes the working environment at Wrevel as a flexible and friendly environment in which anyone can present his/her ideas. He believes that the company has a detailed approach to tasks, and that very few companies can be detailed while being laid-back like Wrevel. His favorite thing about what Wrevel is that its website works well and looks good, which will attract many Americans. Vaibhav observes that the target market in New York City is very large, as more American citizens live in this city. In addition, he appreciates the fact that Wrevel is informative, yet social at the same time. Vaibhav wants to experience the growth of Wrevel from scratch and to gain practical experience in marketing. He says that such experience would help him later if he wants to become an entrepreneur. Vaibhav describes Ash as a person who is easy to approach with questions because Ash gives detailed explanations, which makes tasks easier to execute. In the near future, Vaibhav wants to start his own company. Currently, he attends Iona College, where he is studying e-commerce and international business. Vaibhav is also trying to get an MBA in Marketing Information Systems. Now, let’s introduce Henry. Henry says that Wrevel is a laid-back, flexible company where one can gain work experience. This is his first internship, and as a result, this work experience is valuable for him. He hopes that someday, this experience will help him to work in the for-profit sector of a company. As far as the product that Wrevel has to offer, Henry likes the fact that Wrevel focuses on various types of events, from culture to concerts to clubs. Also, one is exposed to more free events. Henry appreciates working with Ash because Ash is flexible, open to new ideas, and easy to approach. Academically, Henry plans to pursue graduate school. Currently, Henry attends Parsons The New School for Design, where he is majoring in urban studies, as well as minoring in economics and creative entrepreneurship. Last but not least, there’s me, Malik. I see Wrevel as a great place to work for an intern who has little or no prior work experience. I agree with my other staff members that Wrevel is a calm place to work at. Wrevel is giving me valuable work experience as far as being more technologically literate and helping others with projects. I hope to be a good contribution to Wrevel’s success. Currently, I attend Baruch College. My major is math. I plan to use this major to have a wider range of job opportunities once I graduate and enter the working world.