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By. Jesse Costanza

The Recent Turmoil of (some) New York Sports

The recent fall of New York sports isn’t something anyone from the tri-state area can be proud of. Unless you are one of those “I like the Dallas Cowboy’s because they are America’s team” kind of person. The Yankees, The Bronx Bombers, The Evil Empire, The Pinstripes, whatever you would like to call them, they haven’t panned out in recent October’s like most Yankees fans are used to seeing. The 27 time world champions have recently been playing good baseball. They are in first place in the AL East and have had an extremely productive bullpen. Alex Rodriguez is back in the lineup after sitting out a season and he look’s to be playing like it doesn’t matter if he was doing steroids or not. Trying to find a replacement for Derek Jeter is going to be near impossible. GM Brian Cashman is not spending like Steinbrenner used too. The Yankees can pay for people but their flexibility isn’t what it used to be and offensive production from an older team isn’t always easy to find. The Knicks haven’t won a championship since 1973. Yes, that is 42 years ago. Hopefully the new arrival of Kristaps Porzingis. A Lithuanian playing the 5 position about 30-40 pounds under the weight he should be. One thing the Knicks have done right is get a steal out of Jerian Grant another first round pick to help solidify the point guard position. After an abysmal 17-65 season, what can we look forward to? Hopefully the 7 foot, great shooter with promising potential but a project in an of itself can lead New York Knicks fans to the brighter side of basketball. There is nothing worse then seeing the New York Rangers fall twice in the NHL playoffs. Losing in 2014 to the Los Angeles Kings. (on some questionable calls) and in 2015 to the Tampa Bay Lightning who would suffice to the Chicago Blackhawks in the Stanley Cup Finals. Though, one thing the Rangers success has done is bring more fans to the sport and a likeness to hockey. Though falling deep into the playoffs isn’t all that bad for a sport its the only New York has going for them in relation to sports. These are my takes on some of New York sports teams. Brought to you by a decently educated sports fan.