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By. Jesse Costanza

Fall Means Fantasy Football

The football season is approaching. September 10th can not come any faster. The first teams to start the quest for Super Bowl 50 and kick off the 2015 NFL season are the New England Patriots and the Pittsburgh Steelers. Besides being extremely excited for the football season avid football fans generally partake in one of the newest pastimes for people who don’t play professional football Fantasy Football. There tends to be a different smell in the air, a different feeling when you wake up. Sundays are filled with empty boxes of wings and staring at a computer or phone screen from 1pm-11pm. Waking up on a Monday and realizing you were in a trance because of football euphoria which led to leaving your dog outside all night and an apartment lingering of Buffalo Wild Wings doesn’t even feel all that bad. A deep sense of enjoyment comes from knowing that the guys on your roster (hopefully) leave everything out on the field giving their all for the needed win you so badly want. These players do all this for our almost meaningless bout to say you were the champion of a Fantasy Football league and berate the loser for a whole off season. (I am one of them) But that’s what it is all for and the NFL season can’t start any quicker. A new season full of searching for that one sleeper pick that didn’t get drafted or the new rookie who will explode immediately. The fantasy lifestyle is not an easy one and it should not be taken lightly. For most work and schoolwork will get pushed to the side and we are engulfed by a sea of pleasure on a road to become the next fantasy football champion.