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By. Jessica Vallario

Billionaire For President

It seems just about anybody can run for President here in the United States. Recent polls reveal the famous real estate developer, business prodigy, and TV personality, Donald Trump, is now the Republican Party’s top contender, with 24% of the public’s support. When I first heard that Trump was planning to run for the 2016 election I thought it was a bad joke. But, Trump is being taken a lot more seriously than expected. So, what is it about Trump that the public is so impressed with? Many admit that they are sick of how American politics have been conducted the past several years. They’re looking for change, and not the kind Obama promised back in 2008. What sets Trump a part form his competitors is his non-political background. He is a businessman. He already made his money, and his political agenda doesn’t rely on appeasing lobbyists or political organizations. Let’s face it; he doesn’t need their money. People are looking to Trump to patch up our economy, and, well “make America great again.” But is capitalism the only thing that makes our country great? Perhaps it’s not the only thing, but it seems to be top priority. The first celebrity candidate the country had seen was Ronald Reagan back in 1981, and it seems history is about to repeat its self. Despite his “conservative” ties, Trump supporters are crawling out of the woodwork, and come from an array of socio-economic and ethnic backgrounds. Like, Reagan, Trump promises economic growth, tax cuts and big government regulation. Trump claims he will make American “win” again, feeling the déjà vu? Some argue Trump’s campaign is a publicity stunt to gain traction for the 2016 election. After all, a disgruntled public seems to have lost most interest in politics. Trump has definitely brought the upcoming 2016 election into the social spotlight. Can you say, “hype man?” In fact, Trump’s campaign has inspired another modern-day mogul to consider running for the Presidency. Yeezus 2020? We’ll just have to wait and see.