By. the Wrevel Team

Introducing Wrevel’s Project Phoenix

Ever feel tired of another boring night alone on the couch with take-out and absolutely nothing to do? That’s exactly how Wrevel founder, Saj, felt one Friday night with an egg roll in hand during his earlier years in college. “Wouldn’t it be cool if there was a website where I could find a party near me and make some new friends?” After saying “goodbye” to Tom the delivery guy and finally putting an end to all those long boring nights, the idea of Wrevel emerged.

Wrevel Wrev event web page

Wrevel is a social media platform aimed to assist its users in creating and discovering events anywhere from a local cafe performance, to the next biggest party, to whatever else even the vast mind of your little seven year old cousin Katie’s mind can imagine. After getting a ton of helpful feedback during our beta phase, Wrevel’s new development, Project Phoenix, has finally given the internet and mobile users the ability to easily interact with others in their area in a more fun as well as festive way.

For eight long months, our extraordinary hardworking team of 2 frontend and 3 backend developers as well as 2 designers has given Wrevel a whole new meaning to social media through Project Phoenix. With custom coding and absolutely no initial framework, it offers users a new online experience with sleek modern UX/UI design and easy navigation. The ‘Wrevs’ homepage, for example, works as a newsfeed for all of the latest upcoming events. The ‘Exclusive’ category also offers an insight to experiencing as well as exploring something new within hotspots, icebreakers and culture.

With Project Phoenix’s user-friendly ticketing system, selling and buying tickets has truly never been easier. With a simple add of your credit card, you’re set for an amazing night. For sellers, getting a hold of your bank info is totally unnecessary and our ticketing is also currently the cheapest yet with a fee of 1.9% of a total transaction and $0.50 per transaction – as compared to our top competitors such as Eventbrite, YPlan and Ticketbud. All profits made by each ticket you sell, is also all yours - unlike our competitors, we do not charge a single penny!

Say “goodbye” to your delivery guy because meeting new friends and discovering something new just got a ton easier.