Welcome to Wrevel

Welcome to Wrevel.

Find out what, when, and where events are happening in your city.

Sell Tickets + Then Get Paid

Use our unique Create A Wrev system to sell tickets to your events. The whole set-up is quick, easy and free.

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Find Your Crowd

Look for future friends, fans and users just like you in The Hub or browse through MyWrevs to find the perfect event happening near you.

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Why Wrevel was created?

As musicians, promoters and lovers of nightlife, our founders noticed that our collective love for these worlds are often put to the test/mercy of "the bottom line". While we are a company and money does matter to us - what matters more is our mission.

We envision a world where we can support artists in their endeavors in such a way that they and their fans are not being gouged by tech websites with absurd commissions and limited capabilities - So we decided to do it better.

We developed a platform that has merged event ticketing with social integration that is more affordable and accessible than any platform to date. With us there is no need to pay excessive fees or walk around with clipboards to collect e-mails. With us, you have access to all the information we have to bring you and your community together. Whether you are a starving artist, garage band, promoter or event organizer we hope you choose to use our platform and allow us to help you show-off your work.

Fast & Simple Set-up Process

Set up both your ticketing and event pages in under 30 seconds.

Easily manage your finances

Instantly get paid for every ticket you sell by linking your bank account.

Our Ticketing Platform

Start sharing your event and selling tickets in seconds with our unique ticketing system.

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Track your ticket sales

Track and edit the events that you are listing. Monitor ticket sales data from event to event.

Hide your top secret events

Your event address can be hidden and the buy ticket form could be disabled until you approve the attendee list.

Most Affordable

Lowest prices in the ticketing industry!

Wrevel Fee

1.9% + .99¢ per ticket

+ Credit Card Fee

(VAT where applicable)

Simple Payment System

No start-up fees or extra charges.

We accept all credit cards.

Free Events

You can still use our beautiful tickets

system for absolutely free. We make

money only when you make money.